Our Commitment

  • Natural, Organic fabrics
  • No Polyester or plastic
  • Fiber grown and fabric made in Europe
  • Ethical manufacturing/ production
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Natural, plant based dyeing
  • No harmful chemicals or dyes


Conventional cotton farming uses more water and toxic pesticides than any other crop in the world. These harmful chemicals hurt the planet by contaminating waterways, poisoning the people in the communities who grow it and stripping the land of important nutrients.

That is why our Swiss sustainable clothing brand sources only GOTS certified organic cotton, grown and made within Europe by small family-run farms and manufacturers.

By doing this we ensure that the people we work with and the products you buy, are healthy and safe for you and the environment.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton farming uses crop rotation and organic fertilizers to create rich soil that can continue to support growth and life. By replacing dangerous chemicals with natural alternatives, farmers and the communities they work in can avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals which in turn could harm those who wear the end product. Organic farming uses 87% less water than conventionally grown cotton and emits 45% less greenhouses gasses. 

It’s better for the planet, the communities who make it, and the people who wear it.

No polyester or plastic

We all know by now that we have a huge problem when it comes to the overuse and dumping of plastic. But did you know that every time you put a polyester garment in the wash, micro plastics wash off and into the waterways? And what’s more, it never goes away or breaks down.

This is why we use only natural materials, from our clothing to the packaging it comes in.

Natural, plant based dyes

Leaving harmful dyes and chemicals​ behind

Our garments are dyed in-house in Switzerland using only natural, plant based dyes. We are committed to using non-toxic, natural dyes and believe that their beautiful, soft colours and ability to change slightly with time and use is a wonderful characteristic of these natural dyes. 

Our dyes are vegan and do not include any toxic or harmful chemicals.

Local, ethical production

All of our production is done exclusively within Europe, from fibre to fabric and garment production through to dyeing. By keeping our supply chain localized we are reducing the amount of transport, and along with this our carbon emissions.

Our clothing is made in Greece by a small family-run business that supports 14 workers, about 85% of whom are women. Our factory partners are GOTS certified, ensuring workers are paid above a working salary, are treated fairly, work reasonable hours and have a safe working environment. Our fabric is being produced no more than 100km from production and our dyeing is done in-house in Switzerland.

We only produce small batch, limited unit ranges to minimize wastage and overproduction wherever we can.


Our drive for sustainability doesn’t end with our clothing. We use only recycled and recyclable materials for our packaging and don’t send any extra branding materials with your order to help eliminate single use waste. All orders are sent with recycled/ recyclable tissue paper, no polyester bags!

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