Snacking with Toya & Calou

I’m sure I don’t stand alone when I say that the last year or so has done nothing to calm my snack cravings. Being stuck inside all through Winter with nothing to do has NOT been kind to my waistline, but hey, it was a stressful time! 

But, just like with the clothing we put on our backs, its super important to pay attention to what we put in our bodies. That’s why finding local businesses like Toya & Calou is so exciting. They offer an amazing alternative to all the mass produced options out there that so often only concentrate on making products that taste good for as cheap as possible and give no attention to the quality and origin of its ingredients or how sustainable the product and all its elements are.

Toya & Calou is just what we’ve needed all this time! They make the most scrumptious home-made organic health snacks for the Swiss market, right in Geneva. After almost a year of playing and experimenting with recipes, Toya & Calou launched their first products in the Spring of 2019. Having started off with HappyBalls and Nuttbutters, they have now expanded and also include a variety of delicious granolas and cookies, all made locally by hand with love! 

Not only do they create food that promotes quality, organic ingredients, simplicity and sustainability, they also believe that the local community is an important part of their development and journey.

At Balance the Label we believe that all these elements combined makes them a perfect local business to support and collaborate with. Sharing values and a belief in good, wholesome, natural ingredients is something that can create a community of healthier, happier people who know the importance of respecting both the environment and the people behind the products that we use.

*As a part of our collaboration with Toya & Calou, this week’s prize for the most entries in our launch competition will go out to a local Swiss resident who will receive a cashewbutter, peanutbutter and choconut butter along with a v-neck tee from Balance the Label, dyed the colour of your choice! If you enter now you will also have the chance to win our grand prize on opening day (31 May), which includes products from all 5 of our collaborators along with 3 of our natural, organic essentials from Balance the Label.

Enter here for the chance to win!

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