Self-care with eResonance… Naturally

Its so important to look after ourselves, our health and our wellbeing. The stresses of life can feel so overwhelming at times and with everything on lockdown for so long it’s become even more important to be able to accomplish this outside of the traditional health and wellness spas. Our collaborator for this week, E-Resonance helps people to do just that. Look after their wellbeing from the comfort of… well, wherever you want to!

eResonance is a family-owned and run business specialising in self-care. By working with aromatherapists, specialists, certified labs and production partners to bring sustainable self-care essentials that support individuals with stress reduction and self-care, their mission is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to support yourself in your self-care journey.

One of their special products is their self-care essentials set which was designed to support relaxation, calm and ease. It embodies the essence of their organic French lavender and pure Madagascan vanilla. It’s a curated little set that arrives in a beautifully designed, totally plastic-free zip-up box and includes a lavender oil dropper, and a custom perfume that is designed to promote ease and relaxation and to remind you that you are special.

However, eResonance is not just amazing for its self-care focus, it’s also all about the quality of what goes into their product, and ensuring that every element is as sustainable as possible. All of their products are organic and sourced from small family farms which are regularly visited to ensure consistent quality. They also believe in community development and giving back, which is why they partner with like-minded suppliers to support sustainable agricultural and work practices. All their products are recyclable, from their essential oil bottles down to their packaging.

As a Swiss company with its roots in French and American Aromatherapy, they have travelled high and low to find high-quality raw materials and create a truly fantastic product.

*As a part of our collaboration with eResonance, this week’s prize for the most entries in our launch competition will include a DIY perfume set along with a tank top from Balance the Label in our Raw colourway! If you enter now you will also have the chance to win our grand prize on opening day (31 May), which includes products from all 5 of our collaborators along with 3 of our natural, organic essentials from Balance the Label.

Enter here for the chance to win!

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