Organic, ethical, delectable chocolate with Kuerzi Kakao

This week we are excited to be collaborating with Kuerzi Kakao, a local Swiss chocolate manufacturer who produces their own purely vegan chocolate from bean to bar. I’m a chocolate fanatic myself, one who often ‘just has to’ get a bar of chocolate when feeling down, or happy, or pretty much any emotion. So, I absolutely love that I now know where to find chocolate made from the best ingredients which are sourced carefully and sustainably to produce some of the best quality chocolate out there.

Incredibly, most of the world’s cacao is bought and manufactured by only 5 huge corporations, which produce almost all of the chocolate we eat in Europe and the rest of the world. One of the main differences between traditional chocolate and the superb chocolate that Kuerzikakao make is that Kuerzi’s 100% vegan raw ingredients are carefully selected according to the highest quality and ethical standards. This kind of bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate only accounts for about 2% of the chocolate in the world, making it super rare and special!

What’s inside?


Kuerzi Kakao source their cacao from the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania where the finest Cacao beans are used to produce cacao of the highest quality. By paying a premium for cacao from these organic farmers in Tanzania, Kuerzi Kakao is helping to promote the growth of the organic cacao sector, which is really good for farmers and great for those of us lucky enough to indulge in the chocolate made from this special cacao.

Before being shipped to Europe, their cacao is fermented in wooden boxes for 6 days before being sun-dried and then shipped to its destination. Once it arrives in Switzerland the cacao is sorted by hand and then roasted to ensure that only the best makes its way into Kuerzi Kakao’s chocolate products.

Hazelnut Flour

Their IGP certified hazelnut flour is sourced from a family farm in the Piemonte region of Italy, an area famous for producing the best hazelnuts in the world. All flour sourced for Kuerzi chocolates is certified by the IGP, recognizing the Piedmont hazelnut as the best in the world thanks to its taste, aroma and shelf life, and certifying its quality and authenticity.


After making the trip to visit various tropical countries in search of the best coconut in the world, Kuarzi Kakao’s coconut supplier found what they were looking for in Thailand. The organic coconut that they found there is processed directly after being harvested in order to preserve its flavour along with vitamins and minerals to give you its wonderful taste.

Beet Sugar

Kuerzi Kakao sources organic beet sugar which is produced in Switzerland. This beet sugar is the most sustainably produced sugar available, and it tastes incredible! Luckily, due to its wonderful flavour and ability to bring out the flavours of other ingredients, they use significantly less sugar than a bar of average chocolate.

Cocoa Butter

With organic certified, single-origin cocoa butter being used to provide creaminess to all of their chocolate products, its no wonder you can taste the difference!

Like with people, it’s usually what’s on the inside that really counts. What we put into and onto our bodies does make all the difference. Combining ingredients that are of the highest quality while still making a positive social impact is completely doable, and we will continue to support businesses like Kuerzi Kakao, who make it a part of their mission to do so, and to bring you the best product they possibly can along the way.

*As a part of our collaboration with Kuerzi Kakao, this week’s prize for the most entries in our launch competition includes 3 bars of artisanal KuerziKakao chocolate along with a naturally dyed T-shirt dress of your choice from Balance the Label. If you enter now you will also have the chance to win our grand prize, which includes products from all 5 of our collaborators and 3 of our natural, organic essentials from Balance the label.

Enter here for the chance to win!

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