International day of menstruation with Organic Mondays

Today marks the International day of menstruation, a global initiative that brings together the voices of non-profits, governments, the private sector and individuals all to promote good menstrual health for girls and women around the world.

It’s hard to imagine that in 2021 there are still females out there who are hindered because of something as natural as menstruation, but there are many who are affected by a lack of education, taboos, limited access to hygiene products, and poor sanitation. In rural areas, this can result in an inability for girls to reach their full potential and participate in everyday functions, like going to school, something that not only strongly affects the girls themselves but also the communities they are raised in.

Most women use menstrual products every month for a good portion of their lives, and yet we don’t realise how much plastic and other harmful substances are included in traditional period products. Shockingly, period products often contain plastic, dyes, perfumes, bleach and chemicals, and scarily, unlike with food and clothes, there is no requirement to declare the ingredients to the customer. Very few of us really know what is inside the products we use every month for much of our lives and there has been growing evidence that these ingredients can have a detrimental effect on our health. Even menstrual products have not escaped the addition of plastic. Not only are most menstrual products wrapped in plastic, the products themselves also often include huge amounts of plastic (up to 90%), so where you might think the tampon you’re using is cotton, it’s actually ‘cottonised’ plastic.

Before our collaboration with Organic Mondays, I never really considered the makeup of menstrual products, or that there could be a more convenient way to get them every month, but ever since discovering Organic Mondays, I can’t imagine a better way of approaching our monthly visitor.

Mondays was founded to help in making the switch to a healthier alternative easier and a little bit more luxurious. One of the ways that they are doing this is by providing a monthly subscription box that is delivered straight to your door every month. I found it just wonderful that you can choose exactly which 25 products you would like for the month and then just sit back and let them be delivered!

Monday’s has 5 core beliefs that drive all that they do.

  1. Period products should be plastic free
  2. Business can be a force for good
  3. Periods shouldn’t hold anyone back
  4. Employers should provide women with period products in the workplace
  5. And that with our help, change can happen

Nowadays we all know the importance of making healthier choices, and with Organic Mondays’ certified and organic ingredients, convenience and dedication to educating both women and men about menstrual health, they should definitely be one of those choices, for you and your body.

*As a part of our collaboration with Organic Mondays, this week’s prize for the most entries in our launch competition will receive a 3 month subscription delivered to your door along with a boxy tee from Balance the Label, dyed the colour of your choice! If you enter now you will also have the chance to win our grand prize on opening day (31 May), which includes products from all 5 of our collaborators along with 3 of our natural, organic essentials from Balance the Label.

Enter here for the chance to win!

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