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As with most of life, a huge part of our journey to launch has been connecting with people and brands. Brands that see the world as we do and who believe in the power of healthier choices and doing more to help repair and restore the natural world. 

Especially now after over a year of lockdowns and Covid related drama, it is so important to connect with a like-minded community and find ways to support one another in our endeavours. Which is why we decided to connect with these 5 brands across various industries but all with one common link – we all want to do things in a way that’s better for the planet and for people by providing products that are organic and natural. From the ingredients we put into our products and where they come from, to how the products are produced, packaged and delivered to our customers, each step is important in creating brands that are healthy and sustainable.

Interestingly enough, it was only in the last few days that I realised that every one of these collaborators are owned and run almost completely by women. It really does warm the heart to know a group of strong, supportive women who are passionate about bringing their version of a healthier world to their customers . We hope to continue to build a little community of women who support and uplift one another because we are all able to accomplish so much more together.

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