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Sustainable Living & Why Its So Important

Purpose behind the blog

We at Balance the label believe that its vital to find another way of doing things other than the current, take, make and waste model used throughout the world, particularly in Fast fashion.

To do this its important to share our knowledge with those around us by engaging and educating our community on ways to be a part of this movement.

We want to change how people treat their clothing, instead of buying to wear a few times and then throw away, we believe you should love your clothes and do everything you can to keep them, including knowing how to care for them, the different fabrics and dyes available and why we do or don’t use them and looking behind the scenes at the different steps and processes as well as the people growing the fibre, making the fabric and producing your clothing.

But more than that it is our goal to build a community of people who CARE, about not just the clothing that they put on their backs, but the environment and people behind it. We wish to create a community of people who live with meaning, who live with Balance.


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