Vision for the Company

At Balance the label our commitment to using all-natural fabrics and low-impact dyes stems from our desire to ensure that our clothing manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and never harms the land, waterways and local communities that they are made in. We believe in the importance of conserving our natural environment and its beauty as well as the beauty of the fabrics that nature provides.

By using only the finest natural and organic fabrics we aim to keep harmful toxins and microplastics out of our ecosystems and away from your body, ensuring that both stay clean, healthy and toxin-free. We want to change the use of harmful chemicals and dyes that are put into clothing, to create healthy, breathable garments that age beautifully over time.

We believe wholeheartedly in supporting and developing the communities who make our products, ensuring that fair and livable wages are paid as well as the education and development of those communities. We know that about 80% of workers in the fashion industry are women, they are also the worst paid and have far less opportunity for advancement. We want to be a part of their upliftment.

Ethical fashion brand with a focus on quality, organic, sustainable designs

About the founder

Pascale Samouilhan


Pascale, the founder of Balance the label is passionate about sustainability and the use of natural, organic fabrics, non toxic dyes. As well as the support of the people behind the scenes – the people who grow the fibre, make the fabric and produce the garments that we so love.

Having studied fashion design in South Africa over 10 years ago, Pascale’s journey has included time in the Interior design industry, where she became a certified professional in sustainable interiors. She then started working in the fashion Buying world, where she quickly made a name for herself as a sustainable design advocate. She took it upon herself to educate others within the retail group that she was employed with, becoming a founding member of the sustainability committee which oversaw 5 of South Africa’s top brands.

Recently relocated to Switzerland along with husband, dog and cat, Pascale saw it as the perfect time to bring together her years of experience in sustainability and design and create a brand that encompassed all that she had learnt and believed in, and so “Balance the label” was created. A brand that stands for the upliftment of the communities who make it and believe that all people should earn a fair, living wage and be provided with safe working conditions where their development is encouraged. A brand that makes use of only natural and organic fabrics, fabrics that don’t contain plastics which wash into the waterways, or contribute to deforestation, fabrics that are healthy for the environment as well as the people wearing it. A brand that stays away from harmful toxins and chemicals, and only uses low impact and natural dyes.

It is a true belief of ours that your clothing should be as beautiful and timeless as you are and our hope is that you will fall in love with ethically made, natural, quality clothing, clothing that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

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